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Please review my strait forward policies

All bookings made with me, via the online booking system are in the agreement to the following policies. 


Agreements are BETWEEN  ("The Clients") as outlined in the agreement


Domenic Caruso ("The Officiant")

This order shall represent a written agreement between Domenic Caruso (The Officiant) and The Client(s) . 

As discussed, The Client is seeking Wedding Officiating Services for their wedding.  Domenic Caruso understands his role to be that of a Licensed wedding officiant, licensed to marry any couple in the Province of Ontario, via The Sanctuary Family Centre. 

This contract represents the services & expectations, as outlined and paid for online. 


The clients will make all the selections of suppliers/service providers ceremony selections  and do all major planning for their event.  

The Clients are responsible for obtaining their Marriage License in advance of the wedding and providing it onsite the day of their wedding and assume the cost of getting the license (standard practice).  Clients are to ensure that they are legally able to marry in the country in advance of booking and ensuring that they can obtain their license.  

Officiant Responsibilities 

To maintain license in Province of Ontario & be legally able to marry the couple on the booking date. 

To provide ceremony options for the client to choose from, and finalize selections with client, at least 1 week before wedding date. 

To show up at least 15-30 mins prior to scheduled ceremony start time on the day of the wedding to perform the agreed to ceremony. 

To attend and conduct a wedding rehearsal; should the service be booked by The Client.

To provide a replacement officiant and service should an emergency occur and a replacement be needed the day of the wedding.  NOTE that Domenic Caruso is part of the team @ Perfectly Planned Parties & Officiating by Connie Butera & Associates who offer back up services should an emergency arise. 


Standard Service Rates are as posted for a 20-30 minute legal custom ceremony, as designed by the The Clients & The Officiant; using the pre-approved templates and materials discussed between the parties in advance. 

Domenic Caruso

Looking forward to working with you!